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*this list is not very up to date.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus

  • Musings of a Vapid Blonde Betrayer - Unmentionnable first attempt. Very much angsty and AU. 
  • The Nights Before - She can’t see past her limp ponytail or the bags under her eyes. :: Annabeth. Oneshot.
  • Proud - It’s not like I haven’t spent my whole life trying to make you proud. :: Jason. Oneshot. AU. Written Pre-SON. Angst.
  • you - When you’ve dropped dead, will you still be gorgeous? :: Drew. Piper. Freeverse.
  • Seven - You’re the golden boy, the s-s-shiny one. Imperial golden, aren’t you? Too bad the gold is t/a/r/n/i/s/h/e/d. :: Freeverse. Oneshot.
  • Late - ”He’s just so sad and pathetic, you see.” :: Jason. Oneshot.
  • equivalentidentities - You make my numbers add up. :: Malcolm. Freeverse.
  • The Half-Life of Gold - I don’t think I can take the radioactive disappointment any longer. :: Reyna / Jason. Freeverse.
  • starsinyoursmile - We’re expecting each other to say something - anything - but the stars say enough for the both of us. :: Jason / Reyna. Freeverse.
  • forgetmenot - She plucks a flower from the ground and this surprises you, because you are so happy you half expected yourself to be floating. :: Freeverse.
  • Home - The air smells different here. Like cookies and fog and the grease they use to polish armour. Like home. :: Jason. Oneshot.
  • The Wedding Bell Rock - In which a drunken Reyna decides to speak up at the highly publicized wedding of Jason and Piper. Chaos ensues. :: AU. Oneshot.
  • Here - She’s worse-than-human, but so are you. :: Peter Pan crossover. Oneshot.
  • Involving Mermaids - In which Jason Grace falls in love with a mermaid. :: Oneshot.
  • war, baby - Because this is war, baby, and love is too cliché. :: Chris/Clarisse. Freeverse.
  • lost in the wind - You are not worried when he disappears one day. After all, it is not the first time he disappeared. :: Reyna/Jason. Oneshot.
  • Invisible - In which there is a crash and choice, but not really. :: AU. Annabeth-Drew-OC. Multichap.
  • let’s dream tonight - Better run, sleeping beauty. Better run before you fall to pieces. :: Piper/Clovis. Oneshot.
  • firestorms - Don’t forget to blow out the candles. :: Frank/Hazel. Freeverse.
  • mascaraeyes - Drew. Collection.

The Hunger Games

  • not you - Just because he’s the perfect one, the golden boy, doesn’t mean you don’t have anything worth living for as well. :: Freeverse.
  • almost her - You can almost imagine she’s her. :: Freeverse. Gale.
  • Monsters - It’s going to kill you if you don’t kill it. :: Annie. Oneshot.
  • Echoes - Don’t take it from them. They were never of any use. :: Katniss/Peeta. Oneshot.
  • Bucket List - Did she know? You don’t think so. Did he know? Definitely not. So what do you want done with him? :: Snow. Freeverse.
  • rose rot - Because she was more than a goddamned flower. :: Prim. Freeverse.
  • wilted roses - There’s something desperately sad about wilted roses but it’s worse when it’s a wilted person. :: Prim. Freeverse.
  • you can have the last red skittle - She will never tell anyone, but she doesn’t eat it. :: Octavia/Pollux. Oneshot.
  • we are not a fairy tale ending - She knows that life unanchored will kill her. :: AU. Gale/Katniss. Unrequited. Sort of. Oneshot.
  • who I have pretended to be - So go ahead. Blame me for everything. I’ll pretend it matters. :: Gale. Freeverse.
  • The ocean steals everything - She writes his name in the sand and hopes it will last forever. :: Broken Finnick/Annie. Oneshot.

Lorien Legacies

  • Always - He’s just another skinny white boy with daddy issues. :: Sam. Freeverse.
  • If - It shouldn’t make a difference that nobody makes eye contact with her anymore. :: Sarah. Freeverse.
  • Again - Her voice cracks and she breaks you into a million glass shards. :: Henri. Freeverse.
  • Never - She’s had enough of being shattered into pieces and putting herself back together again. :: Adelina. Freeverse.


  • family portrait - She’s your porcelain princess, but you’ll spend forever breaking her to pieces. :: Edward/Bella-Renesmee. Freeverse.