well, i died, and turned into a roman. it’s very distracting.

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Tell me about, Rory

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there’s a man who’s never going to let us down, and not even an army can get in the way.he’s the last of his kind. he has a name, but the people of our world know him better… as the last centurion.

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the raggedy doctor meme

[4/4] relationships > amy pond and rory williams

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The Ponds.

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doctor who rewatch → 1x05

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Amy Pond - hair porn (1/?)

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hold hands, keep doing that and don’t let go, that’s the secret




I think it’s interesting (for lack of a better word) that Eleven says “I’ve finally found somewhere that needs me to stick around”. Doesn’t he hate staying in one place for a long amount of time? And yes, it was a blow to Clara because she’s regards him as a friend. Shouldn’t she be reason enough stick around on Earth? She risked her life to save his. I think she’s worth more than enough to stick around for. 

"I’d never have made it here without River Song"—-While that’s true, because here we have another female character who risked her life and died, but also gave him her regenerations that have mysteriously disappeared and never acknowledged again—He also would not have made it there had it not been for Clara entering his time steam, splitting herself in x amount ways AND erasing him from all the databases, including Dalek. Which, holy shit, is the reason why River was pardoned from Stormcage. The Doctor was erased from databases therefore he doesn’t exist therefore River no longer had to serve time because she never killed anyone, much less someone who doesn’t exist. So really the Doctor would have never made it there had it not been for Clara and River, sacrificing themselves over and over. 

And Clara has a right to be hurt by that, not because she might fancy him but because she risked her life for him. She was prepared to die. She did not expect to come back after entering his time stream. But she also isn’t fully aware of River’s importance and that is the Doctor’s fault. He has terrible communication skills. She has no idea that River spent a lot of her life in jail because of him, or that their marriage was forwards and backwards in time or that she was part time lord and gave him her regenerations to save his life therefore leaving her with none. 

"Fine! Go on, kill her. See if I care."—-Okay that was fucking rude and unnecessary. And just downright cruel. Comparing that to when she talks to the time lords that are apparently hiding behind the crack in the wall—-Clara shows so much bravery and devotion and sincerity that they oblige her. And I don’t think he ever showed her the same, especially with throwing her to Tasha like that. And then shortly followed by the kiss? I don’t think Clara’s expression is one of heart ache but one of gross shock. "Like Doctor she just tired to kill me and now you’re gonna make out with her? wtf is wrong with you man?" seriously wtf is wrong with you?

And then he promises her he won’t send her away again but then he does it anyway. He did it to her twice in one episode. I understand that he wants to protect her, I get that. I do, but he shouldn’t be making choices for her. Up until that moment Clara has made her own choices and known their consequences, she was prepared to die for him in TNOTD. That was her choice and her decision this time around was to stay with him on Trenzalore. And don’t even get me started on that “Rule One: The Doctor Lies” bullshit. It’s so much bullshit, I can’t even handle it. That is another post of it’s own. 

I think what the saddest thing is, is that she didn’t get a proper goodbye from him. I think the Amy part is beautiful but again, Clara doesn’t know who Amelia is, she doesn’t understand why the Doctor is hallucinating her, she doesn’t understand why his was so insistent on sending her away (twice), she doesn’t understand that saving her is a victory because he didn’t want to fail her in the same way he failed Amy—-Because he never told her. He’s just overall, terrible at communicating. 

So many people draw parallels to Clara and Rose, and yeah those are legit, especially because they both lost a parent ect. But Clara, although she is her own character with her own backstory, she resembles Martha Jones more I think, than Rose. Not only is she put aside in favor of a former companion—-but when she talks to the time lords playing ‘peek a boo’ behind the crack in the wall, about how his name is The Doctor and that’s they all they needed to know—-It reminded me of Martha, during the year that never was, when she talks about the Doctor to the people, about how he’s helped them and the never even knew and how she loves him. It’s this unwavering faith and love they have for him that’s so similar and so heartbreaking to watch.

So yeah, Clara got the short end of the stick and it sucks balls and I think we should all give her a hug. And cross our fingers that Twelve kisses the ground she walks on. 

(I wanted to rant in tags but the rant got monstrous there was no space there lol so I’m going to butt in in the post to share the bitterness).

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